Haley’s Three Fuck-Holes Gaped Open All at Once!

Haley firmly believes that bigger is better, so for this scene we’re gonna make her prove it! We don’t give a fuck about skanks’ double standards here, just other double- stuff, like double anal penetration. And that’s definitely on the menu for tonight’s pound roast!

rough double penetration

“No penis is large enough for me to handle,” she says, and true enough, when we forced shlongs in all her three fuck-holes, she didn’t complain one bit! We were thinking that she’ll only last like this for so long and will be crying home like the rest of ‘em when her choco-dot’s gaped mercilessly, but there were no tears or complaints, nothing. It was pure, filthy anal fucking with a kinky two-bit whore all the way!

Fancy getting a piece of the action yourself? Get in there and start downloading!

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Jayna Won’t Stop Riding Shlongs with Her Bum ‘Til We Tell Her To!

There are some fuck-pies who’re hard to nail down in anal banging scenes, and there are some you’ll have to drag away to stop boinking; Jayna’s one of the latter types, and we sure got our hands full of her – like she got her ass packed full with dickmeat!

jayna rides shlongs down her bum

If this ho was a Girl Scout, she’d have cum to the set with baby oil or some other ready-made lube; as it is, she improvised with cupfuls of her sweet cunt juice to lure the boys into boring deep into her brownie! Plus, the usual scene was that the girl would give up first before these especially well-hung fuckers have had their fill; but not Jayna, who kept on bouncing on ‘em ’til her ass gaped so wide, you could push a golf ball through it…

If the cameras weren’t starting to run out of batteries, we would have kept on with this filthy anal scene until she got twenty or so big O’s! Start clicking away for the whole footage right here!

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Dishy Redhead’s Choco-Chuff Slammed with Enormous Dildo!

Here’s a kinky little alternative to using your own flesh dongs to slam open a fuckbitch’s keister; use dildos! Not only do they come in sizes that Nature’s hard put to imitate, they also get the job done quick with little to no exertion on the horndog’s part. He could make a huge gaping mess of this harlot’s choco-hole in a half-hour, and he doesn’t even have to break a sweat – or get out of his clothes!

Good thing Katja here doesn’t mind not getting the ‘personal touch’ in her anal-banging scenes; as long as her chuff’s wet and wide open, she’ll be happy even if you screw her with a water pipe! See more of this filthy back-door play right now!

using dildo to pry open back twat

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